Cutting Edge Broadcast Internet Technology

Largest Unencumbered ATSC 3.0 Network in the Nation

ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM is a broadcast company on the cutting edge of technology and the next generation of content delivery throughout the USA.  The foundation of our business model is Capacity as a Service for clients wanting to efficiently get data from one point to many.

We are the first, standards based, open, end-to-end, nationwide, wireless, IP, multicast network. In simple terms, we provide a cost effective datacasting pipe for Internet Service Providers, public and private cloud providers, connected car manufacturers and autonomous driving vehicles, OTT streaming providers, smart agriculture, and distance learning.

A Multicast Architecture:

ARK has spent the past several years refining its business and go-to-market opportunities enabled by its focus on adding a multicast extension to the legacy unicast internet.

5G Integration:

The ATSC 3.0 standard promises to expand the potential for broadcast spectrum capacity to support new services beyond traditional over-the-air video in ways that will complement the nation’s burgeoning 5G network.

Hybrid Public/Private Cloud:

ARK has positioned the broadcast “pipe” to serve both public and private clouds making it an elegant solution for service providers, cloud hosting at the consumer edge, and even advanced emergency alerting.

New Customer Opportunities:

ISPs will not only be better able to serve the information and entertainment needs of their communities, but can also address the digital divide with new, IP-based consumer applications.

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Our Features

Standards based

Having a standard to live by is important. The all new ATSC 3.0 broadcast television standard was adopted by the FCC on November 17, 2017.


Most content platforms struggle with unreliable middlemen. We control the experience all the way to the user.


We cover the map from coast to coast with hundreds of TV stations and construction permits. This equates to over 100MM pops or 33% of United States.


Unlike legacy broadband delivery such as cable, we are completely wireless minimizing CapEx and speeding up new roll-outs.

Internet protocol (IP based)

We are IP-based delivery allowing the same IP-based analytics that benefit Google and Facebook.


Unlike the current broken architecture, we are multicast meaning we deliver data to many people one time rather then delivering to each person one-at-a-time.

The Broadcast Spectrum

ARK has an unparalleled nationwide footprint of hundreds of exclusive Low Power TV (“LPTV”) FCC spectrum licenses, covering over 100+ MM people in the U.S. and affiliate relationships doubling that reach to ~66% of the US

ARK’s business strategy is to capitalize on one of the most significant spectrum arbitrage opportunities of the 5G revolution: upgrading our  LPTV stations to IP Datacasting facilities which will then provide the most efficient method to get data to end users.

ARK’s nationwide network is creating a last mile edge network caching home data centers with popular data congesting traditional unicast networks


How Are We Able?


ATSC 3.0

This is a new broadcast television standard that was adopted by the FCC in November of 2017.


Our architecture is one-to-many instead of the current broken unicast approach of one-to-one.


We preposition the highest demanded content at the consumer edge improving the user experience.


What’s happening on the front lines?


ARK Levereges ATSC 3.0 for OTA-CDN

ARK Multicasting completes successful proof of concept to extend Content Delivery Networks to the home over ATSC 3.0 broadcast

Nation’s Largest Broadcast Internet Network

ARK Multicasting Launches Nation’s Largest Broadcast Internet Network. Broadcaster Lights Up 10 Stations with Hundreds More Planned.

ARK Builds Nationwide with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Leveraging cloud infrastructure, software and services from HPE, ARK Multicasting is delivering content to homes that lack sufficient broadband connectivity