Cutting edge 5G broadcast technology

Nationwide ATSC 3.0 – Next generation of content delivery

ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM is a broadcast company on the cutting edge of technology and the next generation of content delivery throughout the USA.  The foundation of our business model is Capacity as a Service for multiple clients that ultimately extends to subscription and advertising revenues.

We are the first, standards based, open, end-to-end, nationwide, wireless, IP, multicast network. In simple terms, we are the solution to the current broken architecture of the Internet. As demand for video content continues to increase, the existing unicast infrastructure becomes more and more taxed. ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM is uniquely positioned as the solution.

80% of Internet Use is OTT Video

The demand for video through OTT services makes up 80% of all data consumption, and has more than doubled in the last 12 months. ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM uses a nationwide platform to deliver most viewed content offload 90% of the current bandwidth consumption.

The current delivery infrastructure is broken

Today’s architecture is unicast (1 to 1) exponentially increasing the amount of data consumed and creating congestion. ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM distributes through IP multicast which eliminates the redundancy of current data consumption trends.

82% of the US is underserved

While most of the US has Internet, 82% is underserved with slow speeds or high prices causing slow downloads and buffering. 5.1 billion viewing hours were lost to rebuffering in Q2 2018 alone. We are the solution with ZERO BUFFERING.

Streaming and mobile video is at risk

The increase in mobile devices coupled with OTT subscription services has overwhelmed the Internet. Content creators, media distributors, consumers, and all ISP operators including Cable, DSL and Wireless are at risk. ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM is the key.

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Our Features

Standards based

Having a standard to live by is important. The all new ATSC 3.0 broadcast television standard was adopted by the FCC on November 17, 2017.


Most content platforms struggle with unreliable middlemen. We control the experience all the way to the user.


We cover the map from coast to coast with 283 TV stations and construction permits. This equates to 106MM pops or 33% of United States.


Unlike legacy broadband delivery such as cable, we are completely wireless minimizing CapEx and speeding up new roll-outs.

Internet protocol (IP based)

We are IP-based delivery allowing the same IP-based analytics that benefit Google and Facebook.


Unlike the current broken architecture, we are multicast meaning we deliver data to many people one time rather then delivering to each person one-at-a-time.

The Broadcast Spectrum

The broadcast assets are currently comprised of existing licensed television stations and FCC granted construction permits. All broadcast assets have survived the repack at this juncture, and currently represent over 100MM discrete pops.

The licensee of the broadcast spectrum is Edge Spectrum, Inc. (ESI). ESI continues to engineer and improve the assets in partnership with ARK.

ARK has contracted the exclusive right to the ESI spectrum with a first right of refusal to purchase the spectrum at an agreed-upon rate favorable to ARK. The intent is to purchase the spectrum at the most opportune time for ARK. In the meantime, ARK will operate the assets while building a profitable next-generation network.


How Are We Able?


ATSC 3.0

This is a new broadcast television standard that was adopted by the FCC in November of 2017.


Our architecture is one-to-many instead of the current broken unicast approach of one-to-one.


We preposition the highest demanded content at the consumer edge improving the user experience.


What’s happening on the front lines?

ARK Pilots Last Mile Edge Caching Through ATSC 3.0+

ARK Pilots Last Mile Edge Caching Through ATSC 3.0

ARK today announced the successful pilot of their last mile edge caching technology over the Next Gen TV standard of ATSC 3.0.

New CEO named at ARK

Joshua Weiss is named the new CEO of ARK
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FCC Commissioner Carr on the Future of Broadcasting

FCC Commissioner Carr Discusses Future of Broadcasting with NRB