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ARK Pilots Last Mile Edge Caching Through ATSC 3.0

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ARK Multicasting, Inc. (“ARK”) today announced the successful pilot of their last mile edge caching technology over the Next Gen TV standard of ATSC 3.0.

The demo showed ARK caching 4K, HD, and SD video files on a consumer edge device for video on demand. The files were transmitted from a Low Power TV (“LPTV”) broadcast over-the-air environment and included the caching of PDF’s, Microsoft Word documents, Keynote and PowerPoint files as well.

The consumer edge caching took place simultaneously with live linear television seen on a Sony ATSC 3.0 television separate from the caching device.

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Dallas, TX August 25, 2020

ARK Multicasting, Inc. (“ARK”) today announced the promotion of Co-Founder Joshua Weiss to Chief Executive Officer. Since founding the company in 2018, Weiss has been an integral member of ARK’s management team and his promotion to CEO is the natural progression of his successful leadership.
Outgoing CEO, Vern Fotheringham will remain involved with ARK as the vice-chairman and an advisory role to support Weiss and the ARK team as they continue to build out a nationwide footprint of Next Gen TV stations covering 100 million people with nearly 300 broadcast assets.

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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr spoke with leaders of NRB on an exclusive Zoom video call Tuesday about the future of religious broadcasting and the opportunities that broadcasters have to innovate and grow – especially in the Low Power Television (LPTV) class of stations.

“NRB has been just such a tremendous asset to the American public for over 70 years,” Carr told call participants, which included members of NRB’s Television Standing Committee, Digital Media

Brendon Carr, FCC, Federal Communications Commission, USA, government, Commissioner Carr, ATSC 3.0 , NRB, National Religious Broadcasters, LPTV, clockstarter, United States, ARK, ARK Multicasting, TV, Broadband, Spectrum, Spectrum-Broadband, future tech, OTA, OTT, Over the Air, Over the Top,
FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr

Standing Committee, President’s Council, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.

“You all exemplify what I believe is a major strength of broadcast services, which is the availability of diverse programming that meets the needs of particular communities and is accessible to everyone,” he continued. “And whether you’re a person of faith or someone that is walking the path toward faith, I think the NRB programming that’s available on radio, television, online is really valuable. So, it’s an honor to get to address you today about the future of religious broadcasting.”

Carr noted that airwaves are now undergoing their most significant upgrade since the 1980s thanks to the new and innovative broadcast/transmission standard known as ATSC 3.0.

While ATSC 3.0 is a massive overhaul for antenna-based TV (also known as over-the-air, or OTA, TV), its applications go beyond television – extending to internet and mobile.

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ARK Multicasting and Microsoft announce agreement
for rural broadband and distributed cloud services

Dallas, TX October 15, 2019 ARK Multicasting, Inc. (ARK) today announced a new agreement with Microsoft. The companies will work together to test both innovative technology approaches to address the broadband gap in rural America and Azure-based media distribution using ARK’s next generation broadcast network. ARK CEO, Vern Fotheringham said, “With Microsoft’s support, ARK believes that this pilot could be the start of standardizing the groundbreaking use of ATSC 3.0 and TV white space technology to bring broadband to rural America. We believe that every community deserves to be connected, whether large or small, and we’re taking the steps to close the connectivity gap through this work.”

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ARK Multicasting accomplishes another industry first!

Dallas, TX October 8, 2019

ARK Multicasting, Inc. (ARK) today announced the first broadcast of both ATSC 1.0 and NEXTGEN TV ATSC 3.0 from the same equipment stack. This demonstration took place as part of the ARK trial market in Crockett, TX on Wednesday, October 2nd with cooperation from Hitachi-Comark and their Comark Digital Services (CDS) division. The ATSC 1.0 signal was tested with a new Hitachi-Comark E-Compact series transmitter and an Ateme TITAN Live encoder.

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LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) announced today at the ATBA Low Power Television (LPTV) Educational Sessions at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention the formation of the LPTV Industry Standards and Practices Group.

“Low power television broadcasters have a unique opportunity to move to ATSC 3.0 today. Without retransmission and network television business models, LPTV broadcasters can immediately capitalize through infrastructure and build out of the new standard.”

“This is an opportunity for the LPTV industry to work together to operate and monetize the new television frontier with ATSC 3.0,” says Lee Miller, ATBA Executive Director. “We want to make sure that our owners and operators of Low Power Television stations are involved not only with the new television standard, but are on the cutting edge of the technology. Success is ours to lose.

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Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – March 18, 2019) – Rift Valley Resources Corp. announces that the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ruralink Wireless (“Ruralink”) has entered into a Letter of Agreement (“LOA”) with ARK Multicasting, Inc.

It is estimated that there are over 55 million people, primarily in rural areas in the USA, who have inadequate internet connectivity, and in many cases, virtually no broadband connectivity options. Ruralink is on a mission to solve this problem by bringing cost effective broadband performance to markets that have been left behind in the digital divide by leveraging new technologies to deliver competitive services.

ARK Multicasting, Inc. controls 283 television licenses throughout the United States, with substantial coverage of rural areas. When fully constructed, this network could provide discrete coverage to approximately 100 million people in the US, representing nearly 33% of all US households.

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3.0 Is ‘Next-Gen Salvation’ Of TV Industry, Says ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM CEO


DALLAS—A new company with hundreds of LPTV stations and CPs is pinning its hopes for a vibrant, profitable broadcast industry on ATSC 3.0.

Specifically, ARK Multicasting, Inc.TM is hoping to leverage the inherent one-to-many strength of broadcasting and reliable wireless IP delivery via the OFDM-based Next-Gen TV standard to become an affordable last-mile alternative for OTT providers to reach the home and data to reach vehicles in the future.

In late September, the company performed a proof-of-concept test with the assistance of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark in Southwick, Mass., designed to evaluate the connectivity and integration of all elements needed to deploy an ATSC 3.0 service. Comark is serving as system integrator with 13 technology companies providing products and services for the test.

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ARK Multicasting Demonstrates first end-to-end 5G Broadcast Network

ARK Multicasting, Inc., demonstrated the first end-to-end delivery of IP streaming video content last week in collaboration with its key technology partners. The testing was successful utilizing the next generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard from studio origination to the consumer edge. This is an important benchmark in proving the ability to deliver IP video streaming services nationwide over the ARKTM broadcast network.

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ARK Multicasting, Inc. is Launching the 5G of Broadcasting

August 21, 2018 – ARK Multicasting, Inc. announces its formation and partnership with Edge Spectrum Inc. (ESI).  This new company will leverage the expansive spectrum footprint of ESI to deploy its next generation ATSC 3.0 standard based network. ARKTM is leveraging the power of television broadcasting to add an IP multicast extension to the Internet.

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