Serving the OTT Video Streaming Companies

ARK Multicasting provides a new method for Over The Top (“OTT”) streaming video providers to reach current and new subscribers. The ARK network consists of ~300 TV stations covering ~100 million people in major metropolitan cities and rural communities alike. This is a fully mobile internet broadcasting service working towards ubiquitous coverage across all US interstate highways and metropolitan cities. ARK services extend beyond the capabilities of existing ISP ecosystems with the ability to serve OTT companies with or without the support of incumbent ISPs. This means that streaming companies can now have subscribers who do not even have broadband internet.

Expanding the OTT Customer Base

OTT service providers are limited by the best case Internet service that is available to their end users. Unfortunately for both, ~50% of the US population does not have sufficient broadband internet service to enjoy the data demands of OTT video streaming. ARKs existing footprint of Broadcast Internet TV stations can deliver OTT services to ~20 million people who are not currently capable of being an OTT customer.

End-To-End Control 

For the first time, OTT providers can control experience from origination to end user. ARK eliminates the concern for buffering, slow download speeds, diminished quality during peak times, ISP’s throttling speeds, weather outages, or network congestion. This is possible because ARK shifts the OTT content from the remote datacenters to locally encrypted storage within the home fully supported with the same industry standard digital rights management and conditional access services used by the remote datacenter.