Serving the Smart Agricultural Community

ARK Multicasting is a new method to communicate data to all Internet of Things (“IoT”) with the smart agriculture community a prime benefactor. This this done through new Broadcast Internet across television stations converted to datacasting locations. The ARK network consists of ~300 TV stations with a strong emphasis on second and third tier and rural markets covering ~100 million people. The unique capabilities of this new mobile internet broadcasting service extends far beyond the capabilities of the existing wireless ISP ecosystem. ARK has been collaborating with multiple industry trade groups and standards bodies to bring the efficiencies of internet broadcasting to rural markets with specific agricultural requirements for improved connectivity.

Rural Coverage Throughout the USA

ARK is well positioned to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving smart agriculture market. The new capability of internet broadcasting provides an instant bandwidth enhancement to existing ISP services, especially in rural markets that have had their network capacity overwhelmed by the growth of the internet video streaming businesses.

Wireless Agriculture Technologies

Agriculture is constantly changing with an ongoing pursuit of identifying cheaper solutions increasing productivity. Emerging technologies like ARK’s Broadcast Internet provide a new avenue to communicate with agricultural robots as an effort to continue cutting into the escalating labor costs or farm overhead. Robots are quickly becoming the farm machine of choice. They allow farming to become far more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly on existing farmland, but they require some level of connectivity. ARK’s network is an ideal conduit to transmit data files to these mobile machines wherever they exist including software and firmware updates. ARK’s service can be achieved across the spectrum of automated tractors, sprayers, pesticide and insecticide systems, and even robotic pickers enabling greater harvesting of different types of crops. Software and firmware updates help to better understand crop variability and improve automated decision-making techniques. ARK can even aid in farm-based bio-factories focusing on synthetic biology and the production of different kinds of foods.

Agriculture is constantly changing as a technologically advanced industry utilizing a wide range of IoT solutions which requires communication infrastructure. ARK’s massive data pipe proves to be the most efficient service provider. 

Least Cost Access to Key Data

The connected farm opportunity also includes enhancing the home life of the farming and ranching communities by providing unfettered, low-cost access to traditional internet and entertainment services. Further, the broadcasting of market reports, government program information, software updates for computerized harvesting and irrigation equipment, and providing independent position location services to ensure against the growing challenges of GPS hacking are all benefits that the ARK suite of internet broadcasting services can provide to enhance smart agriculture.