Serving the Government

ARK Multicasting is the new pipe for data delivery using Broadcast Internet. The unique capabilities of this new mobile Internet broadcasting addition to the existing wireless ISP ecosystem will both reduce the costs of data distribution while simultaneously improving the user experience.  ARK is collaborating with regional and local Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) to provide the lowest cost distribution of commonly required broadband data content.  We do this by freeing up precious bandwidth on the traditional unicast ISPs (one-to-one, session oriented, best efforts connections) to improve the user experience with a net result of faster internet service and reduced costs at every level.

ARK Multicasting brings new operational efficiencies to government agencies via enhanced broadband internet services.  Virtually every level of government can benefit from the newly approved internet broadcasting architecture enabled by the new television standard, ATSC 3.0.

The ARK end-to-end network extends Cloud service capabilities to all government organizations.

Rural Coverage Throughout the USA

The ARK network consists of ~300 TV stations that have a strong emphasis on second and third tier and rural markets.  As such, it is well positioned to meet the needs of government agencies that are beyond the reach of the broadband Internet.  The new capability of Internet broadcasting provides an instant bandwidth enhancement to legacy ISPs especially in rural markets that have had their network capacity overwhelmed by the growth of the internet video streaming businesses.  The OTT video files are massive, and because ISP users must share the available bandwidth, a few streamers can congest the entire system and negatively impact the needs of commercial users and local farming businesses.  The ARK solution addresses this problem from two angles: (i) ARK off-loads a substantial portion of OTT streaming video content, freeing up large amounts of bandwidth for unicast purposes; (ii) ARK can efficiently distribute common information to all users under our signal.

Government services include support of a wide range of administrative and operational communications.  Utilities, maintenance, and public service requirements will all benefit from the new ARK internet broadcasting network.

Least Cost Access to Key Data

The need for enhanced internet connectivity throughout the second and third tier and rural markets applies directly to every level of government providing essential services to the public.  ARK is actively supporting the delivery of distance learning and on-line educational materials and will augment every level of  public education and training for agency personnel.  Further, the digital distribution of regulatory updates, reports, government program information, and software updates for computer hardware and IoT infrastructure required to manage water, sewer, power, highway maintenance and other public infrastructure can be efficiently supported by the ARK network.